Our Prayers Are All Heard and All Answered

Sometimes we forget that our Heavenly Father knows all things.
He knows us completely and teaches us always, so we can progress.

We’ve asked God for strength that we might achieve greatness.
We were given weakness that we might learn humbly to obey.

We’ve asked for health that we might achieve greater things.
We were given infirmity that we might do better, brighter things.

We’ve asked for riches that we might be happy and cheerful.
We were given poverty that we might learn wisdom and duty.

We’ve asked for power that we might have the praise of men.
We’re given weakness that we might learn to depend upon His power.

We’ve asked for all things that we might enjoy wonderful lives.
We’re given precious life that we might enjoy all things.

We’ve often wondered why our lives seem so different from our prayers.
We’ve gotten nothing we asked for, but everything we really needed.

Often our lives seem all uphill, filled with obstacles, hardships, and hazards.
We’ve noticed that these hardships have become our greatest teachers.

We will soon find we’ve reached the top of that steep hill.
We will find the challenges we’ve faced have been overcome.

We learn it wasn’t the top of the hill that was most important.
We will, rather, appreciate what we have become along the way.

Almost despite ourselves, we find our prayers have all been answered.
We find, the loving, caring hands of God have most richly blessed us.

 — Author Unknown

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