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This site is owned and operated by Chris Juchau, inadequate but devoted husband, unskilled but committed father, and otherwise regular guy from Seattle (now living in Utah).  It was started at the urging of my good friend, Tim Anderson, as a place to share the topics we discuss in our weekly Young Single Adult class in the Highland South Stake – which is a lot of lingo for my friends who aren’t Mormons.  (My wife and I taught a religious class for unmarried adults ages 18-30 for a while.  Have since moved to other church assignments.)

The phrase “after the manner of happiness” comes from the Book of Mormon and describes a people who were—for a while, at least—experiencing the happiness that comes from following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.  All of my life experiences—spiritual, tangible, and otherwise—tell me that a life of devotion to the Savior is the clearest path to happiness (now and always) and to the “abundant” life He describes—even when you’re like me and frequently, er, constantly fall short of being who He’d like me to become.  In the end, He will make up the difference—and I am happy about that.

5 responses

  1. How come you removed your picture?! I say put it back on there and own it! Or better yet, add one of you and Becky together!!

  2. My goodness! I was seeing way too much of myself on this site. And when I realized that my face was appearing in the tab at the top of people’s browsers, it was definitely time for action!

  3. Thanks Chris….grateful for your influence and good work.

  4. I am a new YSA Advisor and need more information on the YSA Lone Peak Seminary. It seems like no one has information on times, classes or the exact address where the kids can attend, so we can share it with those in our ward. Can you send me this information? Thanks.

  5. I’ll be coming back to this site often (from an old friend in the Aspen 1st ward)

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