Follow-up to… On Prayers, Answers, Timing, and Importuning

Last week’s post brought some interesting responses – three of which I’d like to share with you.

First, I received this question: “Sometimes I struggle to know if God just wants me to keep asking or if he’s already answered my question with, as you say it, ‘Let’s hold on to that one for a while–it’s not the right time.’ How do I know which is which?”

I’m curious to know how you all would answer that, but here’s my answer: If what you’re praying for is ultimately important and likely aligned with God’s will, I would never stop praying for it. However, all such prayers should include expressions of submissiveness and a willingness to wait on the Lord, such as: “thy will, not mine, be done” and “help me to learn the things I need to learn” and “help me to be patient and submissive and productive while I wait” etc. Then, such expressions should be backed up by two kinds of actions: those that will help bring about the desired blessing and those that will keep you moving forward if the desired blessing is not granted.   On the other hand, if the thing you’re praying for is ultimately not critical or is only doubtfully aligned with God’s will, I wouldn’t persist in praying for it for long.

Second, I was told that Elder Holland just delivered a talk on living after the manner of happiness. Excellent!!  You can read that talk here.

Third, I received a copy of an important poem, which I think poignantly reflects how many of us sometimes think and feel about the answers we receive to prayers. You can read it here.

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