Three Keys to Happy Relationships

A year or two ago, we administered an anonymous, on-line survey in the Highland 22nd ward among the adults. 62 people responded, including 25 men and 37 women. Most had been married between 10 and 25 years, but some less and some more – and a few not at all.

In the survey, we asked five questions, including these three for which they had to come up with their own answers:

  • If I had a daughter, I would advise her to look for the following 1-3 characteristics in a potential husband.
  • If I had a son, I would advise him to look for the following 1-3 characteristics in a potential wife.
  • I appreciate these three things the most in my spouse.

After tallying up the answers and identifying the top three responses to each of the questions, it was interesting to note that all three questions yielded the exact same top three answers. The more I have thought about those three things, the more profound they have become to me – their simplicity contributing greatly to their profundity. It you want to be a good spouse, you should (in no particular order, according to our survey):

  • Be nice
  • Be committed
  • Be productive

Recently I’ve wondered if these aren’t also three critical keys to being a good parent. I’m fond of thinking that parenting might be best measured using the same yardstick Preach My Gospel promotes for measuring missionaries – by our commitment to bringing souls to Christ. The three ideas of being nice (including a whole host of kindness-related attributes), being committed (to Christ; and also to our families), and being productive (demonstrating our commitment through discipline and hard work) seem like three important ways we can help our children know and love the Savior.

Here’s a quick look at what these three things do and don’t look like. Without beating yourself up about your imperfections (seriously! my goodness, ladies, give yourself a break – God does!), ask yourself if being better at something here wouldn’t improve your effectiveness as a spouse or parent (or probably fill in the blank for any other relationship).

Being nice looks like:

  • Being patient
  • Showing interest in their interests
  • Being gentle
  • Being affectionate
  • Acting happy to be with the person
  • Pulling your weight

Being nice does not look like:

  • Being critical or sarcastic
  • Using harsh language
  • Ignoring people or being non-communicative
  • Being manipulative or controlling – even with kids

Being committed looks like:

  • Acting as well at home as we do at church
  • Worshipping privately
  • Attending the Saturday evening session of stake conference (and similar)
  • Serving in callings; loving those we serve; and magnifying the calling

Being committed does not look like:

  • Putting anything else in our lives ahead of the Savior, his gospel, and his church
  • Worldliness, including the pursuit of things or excessive emphasis on our own appearance
  • Selfishness or a lack of humility

Being productive looks like:

  • Being busy / “anxiously engaged”
  • On the things that matter to the Lord
  • And that matter to our spouses and children

Being productive does not look like:

  • Watching T.V.
  • Living an unordered life in an unordered home
  • Over-indulgence in hobbies and personal interests
  • Being the person who never shows up to help someone move or clean their home

The Savior showed us these three things.  Living prophets today also demonstrate them.  The better we are at them, the better our relationships can be.  And relationships are everything.  Don’t you think?

3 responses

  1. Thank you for this! I was excited to see another entry from such a busy wonderful man.

  2. You left off Pinterest, for your social media shares!! I found a way around that and “pinned” it anyway! :). Great and worthwhile article!! I pinned and tweeted it, per President Madsen’s encouragement at Stake Conference. :)

  3. I found many things I can work on from this short article. Thank you for helping me reflect and work to improve!

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