Exclusive Offer…

… for the followers of after-the-manner-of-happiness.com!

I have two free tickets to today’s 12:30 showing of Son of God at the Megaplex Theater at Thanksgiving Point. The only price you’ll need to pay is your willingness to sit next to my wife and me (since the seats are assigned).  Please call or text my cell phone if you are interested. First come, first served.

After one hour, the exclusive nature of this offer will be revoked as I turn to my vast (and growing) number of friends on Facebook.

Disclaimer:  I have neither seen the movie nor read any reviews and therefore make no warranties, either express or implied, with regard to your enjoyment of said movie and whether you’ll feel, at the conclusion, like you just spent two hours living after the manner of happiness.)

One response

  1. Steve Cuillard | Reply

    Melissa and I saw the movie last night and liked it.

    Steve Cuillard


    Affiliated Realty Group


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